10 Ways You Can Get Involved in Politics

By Ashley Logan on March 12, 2018

We Can Do It Too

Whether you lean to the right or left, having some sort of involvement in government politics can be greatly beneficial. Sometimes it feels as though the government is a separate entity that only politicians can partake in and that us constituents have to just live with it. The laws and systems in place almost feel as though the people have no say, but this isn’t true. There are ways for you and me to become politically active, whether it be locally or on the national scale. It may seem draining to get involved in politics, but there are many simple ways that you can!

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1) Knowledge is Power

Before getting involved in politics it is essential to know and understand its background. USA.gov will be your best friend when it comes to learning the basics of how the government actually works. If you don’t feel like looking up books in the library, you could always check out some YouTube videos that would speed the process along a little more quickly. Here is a seven-minute crash course on the government basics! ‘School House Rock’ is no longer around, their catchy, easy-to-follow tunes can be found on YouTube, like the classic ‘I’m Just A Bill’ song. Basically, there are several ways to learn about government and its history, whether you’d like to indulge in a novel or just watch a quick video.

2) Register to Vote

This step is simple and can be achieved in just a few minutes. You can register to vote at your local Department of Motor Vehicles or online. Visit this site to find out more about where your local DMV is located and how to properly go about the process.

3) Go Actually Vote

This should be obvious, but some feel as though their votes do not count. With the proper education on the voting process, you can find out that the constituents do indeed matter. This process can seem sketchy when talking about the electoral college but this actual weighs a states’ population in connection to the rest of the country. These electoral college numbers represent your vote in a way that is cohesive and fair when it comes to the total population of the country. If this explanation is confusing here’s a short video on explaining what it is and another discussing the voting process.

US Capitol (via Wikimedia Commons)

4) Learn Who Reps Your State

Who’s your rep?? The government has three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The legislative branch is where representatives come into play. This branch consists of Congress and the Senate that are responsible for weighing in on decisions that the executive branch proposes. The legislature is the checks and balances that prevents every decision from becoming an executive order that overrides typical government practice. It’s important to know who your state representatives are because you can have an influence on their decisions.

Call your representatives, and keep in contact with them to have your voice be heard. You can find out who your representatives are on this website.

5) Share What You Know

Knowledge is power for real. The things you know can be impactful to the people you know. Just like how you share stories, you can also share knowledge. You may have heard of the term “share the wealth” and this is almost one in the same. You can share what you know online or to the people close to you, anything counts! The more that everyone knows about government processes, the more say that constituents have.

6) Meetings on Meetings on Meetings

This is possibly the most boring step, but still important! Town hall meetings or meetings in your district can be a direct way of speaking to your local representatives and voicing your opinion. These meetings allow for you to become aware of the things happening in your area that may have been unbeknownst to you. These meetings are a more intimate way to speak your mind rather than leaving your congressman voicemails and emails. But like mentioned earlier, these meetings can be super boring. Depending on what the meeting is about can determine which may be of interest to you.

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7) Volunteer!

Becoming involved does not necessarily always involve the government, but the little things that you can do to help your community. There are often local organizations that you could volunteer for to spread awareness of a cause or assist in their day to day activities. Many churches, schools, and shelters offer volunteer programs that would help out the community around you. There are ways to volunteer in helping people register to vote, and I guess you could consider campaigning for the candidates you believe in as volunteering too.

8) What Do You Believe In?

What are you passionate about? What drives you and or riles you up? These things that you feel so strongly about can make your political involvement much easier. If you focus on one topic, or aspect of government, you can direct all of your attention to this cause. Having a focal point will make volunteering and activism seem more easily attainable. Some examples of a focal point would be systematic oppression, environmental factors, or gun control.

9) Find a Publication that Suits You

The news media industry is flooded with publications of all kinds. Mainstream publications might not represent your views on a subject but there could be others that do. When you have a source to read from that aligns with your views or provides more information on what you care about, you’d be able to keep up on what you believe in.

10) Donate If You Can

All of these steps are optional but donating can be the most inconvenient. Unless you have excess money you can spend, donating can take a back seat while you pursue other methods of taking action. Donating to organizations and charities helps them be able to continue making a difference in whatever it is they focus on.

By Ashley Logan

Uloop Writer
My name is Ashley Logan and I'm a Communications/ Journalism major studying at Albright College. I'll be graduating in 2018 and I'm so excited to enter the workforce and put all my ideas to use. I love writing about music, fashion, inclusivity, and whatever has been on my mind lately.

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